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How to avoid both over-stocks and stock-outs?

How to hold items (on the shelfs of different trading points) that consumers need and not to hold items they don't? Why are forecasts always in error? How could a retailer solve the supplier unreliability problem?


How to significantly improve inventory turns?

What does really create value for the customers of a wholesaler? How to manage the flow of inventories using buffers and buffer penetration? How to increase profitability of a distribution company without investments?


How to develop and sustain a decisive competitive edge?

What do producer's customers really want? How do TOC and LEAN help increase the reliability of production company and its profitability in very short period of time? What is LEAN 'specifics' in the Baltic countries?


  • ireneusz_fafara_220-200 Ireneusz Fąfara
    Ireneusz Fąfara graduated from the Cracow Academy of Economics where he acquired Master’s Degree in Economics; took part in trainings on finance management and functioning of capital markets held in...
  • Daniel Trzcinski Daniel Trzciński
    Daniel Trzcinski is a Production Supervisor who works in Belos-PLP in Bielsko-Biala, Poland that is one of a part of a large PLP group all over the World. He graduated...
  • Philip Marris Philip Marris
    Philip Marris is CEO of Marris Consulting, a management consultancy based in Paris, France, focused on industrial operations. He has designed, sold and executed over 90 transformation projects in France,...
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  • nerius_jasinavicius_220x200 Nerius Jasinavičius
    Nerius is a co-founder and partner at leading business process consultancy in Lithuania TOC Sprendimai. During his more than 16 years’ time gained diverse experience in the business: financial, manufacturing and...
  • christoph_lenhartz_220-200 Christoph Lenhartz
    Christoph is a Chairman of TOCICO. In over 15 years he acquired a wide-ranging, international experience as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consultants team in high...
  • Agnieszka Szepielow Agnieszka Szepielow
    Agnieszka is a Managing Partner of TOC Consulting, the first and leading TOC company in Poland. Agnieszka is practicing and popularizing TOC since 2000 – working as a consultant, TOC...