Supply Chain conference

April 30, 2013

Vilnius, Lithuania

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All presentations will be given in English (with simultaneous translation into Russian and Lithuanian) except those in Lithuanian Track.

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Welcome speech

Ireneusz Fąfara, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO, “ORLEN Lietuva”


Building High-Performance Supply Chains with Demand-Pull

Christoph Lenhartz, Chairman, TOCICO (Germany)


Coffee break


Supply Chain in the TOC Way – Managing the Uncertainty

Eli Schragenheim, CEO, Elyakim Management Systems (Israel)


Q&A with Key note speakers



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Advanced lessons

Case studies




Belos PLP case story (Poland)

Daniel Trzciński, Production Supervisor, Belos PLP (Poland)

- So many choices. Why it’s Theory of Constraints?

- What were our first steps with TOC?

- How did it work for us to achieve notable results that quickly?

- Several months collaborating on TOC. Is it still working?

- How is it now and what’s ahead of us?

Combining TOC and Lean approach in production environment

Georgijs Buklovskis, Factory Manager, Brabantia Latvia
Member of the Board, Association for Business Efficiency (Latvia)

- How to combine DBR and KANBAN approach?

- Seasonality in demand and forecasting, how to be “approximately right, but not totally wrong”?

- How to manage bottleneck “jumping” from inside to outside and backward?

- TOC “Road runner” culture implementation

- How to change management paradigm about utilization of workforce?

How to efficiently manage inventory in retail and wholesale?

Nerius Jasinavičius, Partner, TOC Sprendimai (Lithuania)

- Why is it impossible to find a good forecasting model?

- Focus: the main measurements in distribution business

- Managing the flow of inventories using buffers and buffer penetration

- Necessary conditions for distribution without stock-outs and over-stocks

- How to calculate how much you lose due to wrong forecasting? What’s the potential of profitability jump?

- Step-by-step manual to move from “Push Distribution” to “Pull Distribution”

LEAN in construction: the journey from minus (loss) to plus (profit)

Tomas Grigas, CEO, Vilsta (Lithuania)

- Pre-crisis mistake to work for loss and long-term reputation

- How to focus a team to implement unprofitable construction project?

- Are you late? Subcontractors won’t help

- What’s more important: changes of project scope according to the client or to meet the schedule?

- How to increase team’s productivity by 28% and reduce team by 20% at the same time?

- The biggest waste in construction and unexploited possibilities to increase profits


Coffee break


Breaking Bottlenecks in Manufacturing and Engineering Processes to Shorten Lead Times (FMC Technologies case story)

Christoph Lenhartz, Chairman, TOCICO (Germany)

- Companies need fast and effective improvements; many times, however, improvement initiatives are cumbersome and don’t show results

- Process bottlenecks in planning and scheduling processes in engineering, manufacturing and other areas of the supply chain often cause major delays and service failures

- A focused process for Rapid Analysis and Bottleneck Improvement leads to fast and effective

- Three key interventions for performance improvement

- The team is key to success

- Case study: How FMC Technologies saved 3.5 mio USD and reduced lead times by 27%

Distributor’s offer that a shop can’t refuse. Carpeta case story in Moldavia, Romania, Ukraine

Irina Nicula, CEO, Toleko (Ukraine)

- What shops’ business problems can be solved by a distributor?

- Distribution of carpets: specifics and ordinariness

- What do retailers need: percents or money?

- How to create a mafia offer to the shop: a standard process and the unique focus

- Selling a mafia offer: what makes shops listen

- A challenge to sell in export markets

- Organisational changes when moving from Push-Distribution to Pull-Distribution

On Time, In Full, Within Budget – TOC for Project Management

Jelena Fedurko, International Director, TOC Strategic Solutions (Estonia)

- Is it uncertainty in projects or the way the uncertainly is managed?

- On time, within budget and delivering a full content – can a project achieve all three?

- A project plan as a real base for successful project execution?

- Buffers are not “just in case” – they are the major managing mechanism.

Looking for a black cat in a dark room: let’s turn the lights on!

Guoda Azguridienė, Co-owner, Sveiki produktai (Lithuania)

- Information transparency is a necessary condition for contrallability

- What a retailer should measure and what shouldn’t

- What inventory management sellers usually underline and what conceal

- Business decisions are made by the people, not the systems

- Requirements for right decisions that increase profits


Coffee break


The Variety Dilemma

Eli Schragenheim, CEO, Elyakim Management Systems (Israel)

- From more variety to Less Variety

- The full damage of maintaining too much variety

- The assumptions behind providing high variety to clients
— In Fashion
— Practical products

- The difference between ‘must have’ and ‘nice-to-have’

- Using well planned tests to check commonly-believed assumptions

- The logistical problems of maintaining a certain level of variety

- Delivering the right messages to the customers

A process of making impossible possible

Agnieszka Szepielow, CEO, TOC Consulting (Poland)

- Many years of struggle proves the business target is too high. Really?

- Serious businessmen don’t trust intangible things. But do you trust the process?

- Simple, but not easy, steps of reaching impossible

- Examples from distribution and production companies where this process succeeded

- How to deal with your business specifics when following the process of making impossible possible

How to quickly become a much better manufacturer
than your competitors?

Philip Marris, CEO, Marris Consulting (France)

- What’s wrong with most production businesses?

- How to choose the few best improvement projects for very fast results by focusing on your constraints

- Simultaneously use the best of Lean Manufacturing, Theory Of Constraints and Six Sigma

- 2 case studies: a process industry and an automotive supplier

“Boring” challenges in inventory management

Giedrius Balnys, “StockM”, (Lithuania)

- Is it always good to buy for the lowest price?

- Optimal exploitation of transport: don’t fool yourself, that’s freezing of money

- Strike of a supplier: it’s not a challenge, it’s just a seasonal jump in inventory

- The damage of too frequent replenishment / supply

- Problems that occur when nothing needs to be done, but you’re used to


Coffee break


The best tools, good ideas, intelligent TOP managers, poor results. What’s missing?

Nerius Jasinavičius,
TOC Sprendimai (Lithuania)

- Are you happy with the speed your company’s profit grows?
- Reality check: are your company’s challenges unique?
- Is there a common cause for poor results?
- Does the flow constraint blocks the growth of the company?
- Dealing with the growth constraint
- Achieving significant growth within supply chains



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