Benefits for retail companies

Each retailer’s dream: always hold on store shelf goods what people are willing to buy, and not to hold anything that they don’t buy. TOC community has developed universal tools for retail to enhance efficiency, to ensure increase in profitability for retail companies.

At the conference, for retailers will be presented in detail, what opportunities are waiting their companies, if moving to the changes according to the TOC justifiable practice and experience already gained by local companies. The presentations will be delivered by world class experts-TOC practitioners and local distribution enterprises CEO’s.

There will be presented solutions for these retail business problems at the conference:

  • inability to forecast the demand of each SKU’s, at each particular shop;
  • too long supply/replenishment time;
  • Stock-out of some goods, along with over-stock of others.

What are consequences of these problems? They are well known:

  • The company’s cash is frozen in slowmovers;
  • Due to lack of funds it is impossible to order goods with high demand;
  • Cash flow shortages moved on the shoulders of suppliers threaten the co-operation;
  • The entire supply chain dominated by distrust and multiple oppress one by another, whilst profits can only be secured at high expense of others.

At the conference, there will be presented how TOC implementations helped to achieve remarkable results in retail stories:

  • Shrink by 4 the stock-out rate;
  • Increase in goods turnover from 20 to 50%;
  • Increase in profitability from 50 to 100%.

The conference will take place in Vilnius on April 30, 2013.

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