Ireneusz Fąfara

Ireneusz Fąfara graduated from the Cracow Academy of Economics where he acquired Master’s Degree in Economics; took part in trainings on finance management and functioning of capital markets held in Poland and abroad by the Association of Swiss Banks, Central Bank of Austria; holds a security broker’s license; has practical knowledge and skills acquired at security exchanges in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.

In its professional career, Ireneusz Fąfara also acted as the Chairman of the Board of BGK Bank (2007–2009), Member of the Board of ZUS (1998–2007), Deputy Chairman of the Board of Energy Bank and Finance Analyst as well as Director of Broker House of the same Bank (1992–1998). Ireneusz Fąfara started in his new office as the Chairman of the Board and General director of “ORLEN Lietuva” on April 30 2010.

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